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Our mantra – ‘'Empower every underwriter, to harness their data and illuminate their performance.'
Meet ADA.

Tired of cost and key person dependencies with traditional actuarial services? So were we. Mulberry Risk has cracked the code - powered by smart algorithms, we’ve supercharged efficiency, packing it into a slick, online SaaS platform. Get ready to embrace the future of underwriting: data-driven, near real-time decisions and crystal-clear data transparency. Say hello to ADA. Your data just found its mojo.


Transform chaos into clarity

Unchain yourself from data drudgery and steer towards commercial success. No more wrestling with mismatched bordereaux. No more squandering hours on manual copy-pasting. With ADA, your data ingestion woes are history.

Intuitive Uploading: Take the first step with ease – upload multiple bordereaux and put your feet up.
Mapping Mastery: Our smart algorithms untangle, map and enrich your data, ready for rigorous actuarial analysis.
Human Touch: Our squad of data scientists is on standby, validating your data to ensure absolute precision.


Navigate the future, not the past

Make impactful underwriting decisions using actuarially driven insights. ADA is your game-changer, taking out actuarial complexity and transforming it into forward-looking, accessible and actionable insights.

Beyond Historic: ADA, far ahead of traditional MI systems, leverages actuarial techniques to present actuarially projected portfolios.
Rapid Insights, Fast Action: ADA delivers actionable insights, enabling near-real time course corrections.
ULR Performance, In Your Hands First: Get your true ULR performance insights.


Insights at your fingertips

Go beyond the surface with your data. A treasure trove of reports, just a click away. ADA’s reporting is your personal data playground, chock-full of reports ready to answer your every query.

Core Reports: Reap the benefits of our top-tier reports, born from years of side-by-side partnership.
Custom Reports: Tell us what you want to see and how you want to see it – we’ll make it happen.
Reports Library: A veritable feast of reports, backed by an intuitive search function to answer your specific queries.
Insight Videos: Uncover the secrets of each report with our short and snappy video tutorials. Watch, learn and leverage insights like never before!


Dive into your numbers

We’re not just ‘user friendly’, more ‘user best friends’. The ADA interface is developed from hundreds of hours of user interface research to put the power in your hands.

Dynamic Deep Dive: Our reports aren’t just static, they’re interactive! Slice and dice your data and drill down to what’s truly driving your portfolio performance.
Pre-emptive Power: With your ULR performance at your fingertips, you’re in the driver’s seat.
Instant Answers: With our intuitive search function, finding the information you need is as easy as typing ‘triangles’ (or any keyword) and voilà – your insights appear!


Real people, real help

Data questions? No sweat. Our team of experts are just a live chat away, ready to guide you through the data maze. ADA’s Live Chat is your personal backstage pass to a team of actuaries and analysts.

Human touch - We’re not just code and algorithms. A real, breathing team of experts are on standby, eager to assist you in maximising your reports.
No actuarial degree needed - Don’t know your ULR from your elbow? No problem! We’re here to make sense of the data jargon, so you don’t have to.
Never alone - Uncertain about a report or exhibit? Simply upload it, ask your question, and voilà – expert advice at your fingertips.

The people behind the platform

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this is all about ADA, but with no Mulberry Risk, well quite simply there's no ADA.

Mulberry Risk is where this journey started, a team of bright, innovative actuaries, data scientists and software developers located in the heart of Cambridge Science Park were assembled to revolutionise the way actuarial consulting is done. Driven by a passion for making the ordinary - extraordinary our people continue to make actuarial insight available, without the need for the heavy cost burden of traditional consulting practices.

Run triangles around your competitors

Ever wondered how to pull ahead in the competitive underwriting arena? It starts with smart data, expertly analysed and put to work for you. We team up with you to ingest, map, model and produce results that matter. Then, we break it down together, ensuring optimal utility for you. Ready for the fun part? Let’s dive in.


Your data, in your format, is uploaded into ADA, then we do the heavy lifting - mapping it into ADA - elevating operations and unlocking your full potential.


ADA’s machine learning untangles and organises even the most chaotic data, leaving you with clean, validated information, saving you time for what matters most; making your MGA more successful.


Leverage the predictive power of our expertly crafted code, skillfully designed by seasoned actuaries and developers.

Actionable insights

Turn your data into actionable insights, unlocking actuarial foresight for informed, data-driven decision making. Take control, enhance performance and steer your MGA to success.

“Thanks to ADA, our data-powered decisions are faster and sharper. Our insurer partners are impressed, and our underwriting is thriving. ADA isn’t just good, it’s a game-changer.”

James Potter, CEO Rokstone Underwriting

Frequently ANSWERED Questions

There's no such thing as a stupid question (well apart from: Will ADA transform my performance?)
We've built a library of some of the most common questions asked, complete with our answers.

What can I see in ADA?

ULR projections, views by broker, territory, product, you name it – ADA can produce it, either via our existing and extensive suite of dashboard reports, or via our custom reports functionality where you can tailor your own output. You get to set the pace, results can be refreshed to align with your reporting requirements on a monthly basis or aligned to match up with your regular carrier meetings throughout the year.

Can I 'drill down' into my results?

Portfolio figures can be traced back to the level at which the raw data is provided. For example, you can drill down into the lines that contribute to the premium from a year of account in a particular segment defined in the raw data. For statistical credibility, you may wish to balance the granularity with the volume of premium in that section. Our actuaries are on hand to answer any specific questions you may have.

What about 'what-ifs'?

We know you'd love to know what would have happened, had certain decisions been made. What if we did not use that broker as distribution? What if we avoided underwriting certain risks? With ADA, this can all be sieved away at the selection of a filter on the report. For both premium and claims. Instantly

Can I speak to a 'real person'?

Yes! ADA is not a black-box service with a 'computer says no' attitude
We have a chat channel on the right hand side of every page within the ADA platform, providing instant access to the team that conducted your analysis (within office hours). We also provide you with face to face (in person or Teams) input as part of the reserving process, to guide you through the results.

How do I know if ADA is right for me / my business?

ADA is designed to cater to whole host of different underwriting businesses and job roles.
We have reports that spells out actuarial assumptions, as well as overall frequency and severity trends for underwriters, and portfolio rate changes for management.
There is also the option of creating reports specifically for your use case through the use of custom reports.

No problem, every successful business starts somewhere.
Mulberry Risk has a pricing consultancy arm, which would be able to assess your needs. Whilst you may not have the data volume at this time, it is most beneficial to have ADA set up the framework and cadence for the feedback loop on the underwriting pricing and portfolio management cycle.


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