From Insight to Impact with the Power of Data

September 11th, 2023

Welcome to the future of insurance and portfolio management, where data isn’t just information - it is your secret weapon for success.

At Mulberry Risk, we are not your average actuarial service provider. We are your partners in progress - your innovation catalysts. Let’s take a closer look at how data driven insights can revolutionise decision making processes to help build a competitive edge in the world of insurance.

What Sets Mulberry Risk Apart?

We are not about following trends. We are about setting them. We are a dynamic blend of actuaries, data scientists and cutting-edge technology enthusiasts. Our mission? Empowering MGAs to secure capacity, price smarter and achieve greater profitability. Our star player? ADA - the world’s first Artificial Digital Actuary - designed exclusively for MGAs.

Your Secret to Success

ADA is your ticket to redefining success. Imagine automating data cleansing, modelling and forecasting, freeing up actuaries to focus on what truly matters. ADA’s magic lies in its ability to provide interactive reports that resonate with carriers, enabling you to make informed decisions. With projected ULR forecasts and key driver identification, ADA equips you to supercharge performance and elevate profits.

Power Your Growth with Data Driven Insights

In the world of risk management, knowledge is power. ADA’s ability to analyse data and forecast ULRs offers a unique advantage to MGAs. You are not simply making decisions; you are making decisions simply.

Instead of relying solely on historical data, MGAs can now proactively address challenges, secure additional capacity and amplify underwriting profits.

Mulberry’s integration into the Aventum Group has far-reaching implications.

One compelling success story involves Rokstone - Aventum’s flagship MGA. For Rokstone, Mulberry’s actuarial capabilities have been instrumental in achieving remarkable growth and a market beating 51% ULR. ADA helped Rokstone to exceed targets, secure ten new carriers and boast an unparalleled exposure management framework.

Similarly, on the broking front, Consilium leverages ADA to provide delegated authority services that offer unique data-driven insights and forecasts on a portfolio that most carriers can only dream of.

Data driven insights ignite trust between carriers and MGAs, reducing friction and enhancing collaboration. With ADA setting a new standard for reporting, you are not just ahead of your competitors, you are leading the race.

Innovate, Transform, Thrive: Your Journey

Our commitment to innovation is unwavering. Aventum’s substantial investment fuels our journey of growth and evolution. Our dedication to cutting edge technology ensures that you are always at the forefront of data-driven decision making.

Mulberry is not just a service. It is your innovation partner. ADA is just the beginning. Expect more, anticipate better. Our alliance with Aventum means you are not just part of our journey. You are driving the narrative of change.

Your Trust, Our Promise

We have built a fortress of data security. Your data is strictly yours, siloed, segregated and safeguarded. We adhere to the principle of trust and confidentiality, ensuring that your data remains yours alone.

The future of MGAs is data-driven and Mulberry is leading the way. With ADA as your compass to navigate the evolving landscape, you have actionable insights at your fingertips.

Welcome to the era of data-powered excellence.

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